Tiny Shiny House on Wheels

Our Rig

There she is!  Or they is, something like that.  Our tiny shiny house on wheels, pulled by our larger than life F150.  We used to drive a Honda Prelude, ended up with a small SUV that felt too large to drive.  That SUV now feels like the prelude whenever we get into it…but I digress.

That, BTW, is Beth.  Platinum white hair and styling leather jacket, transplant from Manhattan, ready so-she-thinks for backroad boondocking (or boondoggling as she calls it).  But lets get down to what you really want to know…

That’s a 2011 27FB International Signature.  A whopping 200sqft (to be slightly generous) of aluminum wrapped luxury attached to a 2014 F150 Lariat with a 3.5 ecoboost engine, max tow 3.73 gear ratio.  11000 lbs of towing luxury with heated AND air conditioned seats, no more sweaty ass driving down the freeway.

We purchased our shiny beauty (the Airstream, not Beth) and took delivery in November 2014, promptly taking off on a four month test drive through central and southern California.  Upon returning to Vancouver, BC and becoming real life Canucks, we decided to sell it all and go lifestyle…fulltimers that is.

There’s a long list of upgrades that we’ve done in the past year, some still left to finish.  I’ll write up several posts on the tech side of our life, but a quick teaser…solar panels, lithium battery, inverter, antenna’s, bike rack, tires, maybe more.

So there it is…we’re off on a tiny shiny adventure!