Today’s Project: Fiamma bike rack

Today’s Project: Fiamma bike rack

I had thought about simply placing our bikes into the bed of our F150, it would have been cheaper certainly, but the F150 has limited payload available.  I also didn’t feel like I’d want to be hauling the bikes around in the truck, or always removing them during short stops.  So…the expensive route it was, a Fiamma bike rack.


We ordered ours direct from Fiamma.   I followed the instructional video that Airstream provides, which is great, except for one glaring problem on our trailer.  Here you can see we’ve taped off a part of the lid covering the back storage.  It overlaped the frame by about a quarter inch.  You can see 3 holes I had already drilled for the mounting bracket.  Basically, we had to shave off a section of the lid on both ends.  Since the grinder [or whatever the tool is, I had help from a neighbor and new friend, Colin] was too large and getting close to the skin of the trailer didn’t feel like a great idea, we only cut enough off to fit the brackets.



So that gave us enough clearance for the bracket and the bolt heads, and finishing up was relatively easy.  Here’s the finished product.


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